Daisy Shah reacts to memes around viral Race 3 dialogue; Salman Khan extends support


The Race 3 trailer may have given enough meme fodder to Twitterati but it’s not spandex-wearing Salman Khan who’s making news. It is actually Daisy Shah’s infamous dialogue in the trailer that’s been wreaking havoc on Twitter: Our business is our business, none of your business.

Iconic, isn’t it?

Daisy Shah in the Race 3 trailer. Youtube

And what can be said about the memes? The makers should’ve seen them coming. Daisy is angry (to say the least) about the memes and she made it known on her Instagram story. But the question is, why is she angry? We can all agree that this is a troll-worthy dialogue and more importantly, the Internet is just bad at minding its own business.

Image from Instagram/Daisy Shah

Salman Khan, who also stars in the film alongside Daisy, showed his support for the actress like the bhaithat he is. When some reporters spotted him in the city and asked him where he was going, he said:

Perhaps the only thing everyone can agree on is that this dialogue is so bad it’s actually good.

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